Understanding the collective dynamics of crowd movements during stressful emergency situations is central to reducing the risk of deadly crowd disasters. Yet, their systematic experimental study remains a challenging open problem due to ethical and methodological constraints. In this paper, [...]

In a new study published in PNAS, we studied how people form and revise their perception of a risk, and how their evaluation of a danger is influenced by the judgment of their peers. For risk experts, the assessment of [...]

Following an experimental study that we have recently conducted about the mechanisms of opinion change, two important trends have been identified. First, our computer simulations show that the presence of a very confident person (let’s call him an expert) in [...]

Following the experiment I described in a previous post, one side question that was raised concerns the relevance of the confidence level as an indicator of accuracy. That is, we wanted to know if it’s a good strategy to imitate [...]

Like many people, I believe that my personal opinions are the results of a careful, rational and independant thinking process. Well, like many people, I’m partly wrong… Past research in social psychology has many times demonstrated that our judgments about [...]

Recently, I have published a new article in PLoS Computational Biology entitled « Traffic Instabilities in Self-Organized Pedestrian Crowds« . This article is the result of the joint efforts of four different research groups: The CRCA in Toulouse (to which I was [...]

Here we go! It’s Christmas again! And as usual, commercial streets, shops, and malls are getting totally crowded over the week-end. Bad news? Not for everybody…For me, it’s the best moment to go fishing some data for my research. Here [...]

Dans de nombreuses situations de la vie quotidienne, une foule de piétons présente des capacités d’organisation tout à fait surprenantes. Dans les rues commerçantes des centres- villes, par exemple, le trafic piétonnier s’auto-organise spontanément: les personnes se déplaçant en sens [...]

Grâce a mon admirable collègue Audrey Dussutour (surnommée « la reine des fourmis »), j’ai reçu l’attention de monsieur Jacques Mitsch, qui réalise une série de petits reportages sur des jeunes chercheurs intitulée « Qui cherche…cherche« . J’ai eu la chance de recevoir sa [...]

Today, I would like to talk about my very first research project. I undertook it during the first year of my PhD thesis, at the University of Toulouse and at the ETH Zürich. The main question we addressed in this [...]

Modeling crowd behavior ? What does that mean? Well it’s pretty simple, modeling consists in finding a proper description of how a pedestrian behaves in a crowd: How he navigates, avoids obstacles, or when he starts to panic. In particular, [...]

It is pretty surprising to notice that current research about pedestrian flows always assumes that people are lonely walkers. Simulated pedestrians move from one place to another, avoid each other, avoid obstacles, form all kinds of collective patterns, but they [...]